Education Program

Education is the priority of our organization to move in the competition society. Without literacy you would not be able to understand the single aspect of life. Our mission in education sector is to Educating and empowering the less privileged through integrated methods and initiating and implementing progressive social change. Education is a critical requisite for socio-economic change. In keeping with this focus, our organization is involved with and support KIRAN project that are secular and have an education-related component to them. KIRAN project is currently running for the children who actually want to learn and inculcate new abilities. Govt. Senior Secondary School Shekhpura Govt. Kanya Secondary School Kaureana Govt. Senior Secondary School Kotli Kalan Govt. High School Dikh Kotra

Health Program

Health being MALWA MISSION the top most priority, we have provided free health treatment to thousands of people in the remote areas , because if the person is protected from various ailments then he or she can give his presence into other works. We have arranged facilities for pregnant women and their safe delivery in the rural areas. We have been organizing various medical camps for the checkup of the children from remote villages. We are not believing to give money to needy people instead we believe to give help with our hands. Our organization helps those people and provides them better care and treatment. We continue to address the health needs of underprivileged children and women through our dedicated health centre. Over the past years, our partnerships with various hospitals have benefited thousands of people in rural areas. We organise a blood donation camp every year in the month of june.

Helpless & Homeless program

Malwa Mission not only to support children, even change lives of those people who have not support to initiate and homeless people. We have arranged space for hundreds of people to stay. After surveying in local areas, we came to know that number of people want to do something for themselves or parents but they cannot do anything just because of money problem or support of their parents. We help those hopeless people, so that they should move in their interested field. Moreover, we helped Mother and his son with mental disorder in the last month who are homeless they were living under one roof with 2 more family members and it could not be possible to stay more time with them.

Awareness Program

Coming to the environment issues, we planted 100 of saplings in the nearby areas and motivated people to stop deforestation. The environmental awareness programs go around the year. MALWA MISSION has been organizing these types of programs in various places in the city. Survey resulted into lack of knowledge in people about environment; this may be the biggest cause of deforestation. They cut trees for their needs but they do not know about the problem which results into environmental pollution. To avoid these mistakes we organize programs in the rural areas to spread knowledge that how much plantation is necessary for us. MALWA MISSION has done its level best in water wisdom; it is working on drinking water safety, rainwater harvesting and artificial recharging. Moreover, MALWA MISSION organizes programs on human rights. People who are not aware from their social duties and rights, we give them proper guidance. If they are facing any problem in the society they can raise their hands to destroy the root of that problem, so that they can live smooth life without any violence.