Coming to the environment issues, we planted 100 of saplings in the nearby areas and motivated people to stop deforestation. The environmental awareness programs go around the year. MALWA MISSION has been organizing these types of programs in various places in the city. Survey resulted into lack of knowledge in people about environment; this may be the biggest cause of deforestation. They cut trees for their needs but they do not know about the problem which results into environmental pollution. To avoid these mistakes we organize programs in the rural areas to spread knowledge that how much plantation is necessary for us. MALWA MISSION has done its level best in water wisdom; it is working on drinking water safety, rainwater harvesting and artificial recharging. Moreover, MALWA MISSION organizes programs on human rights. People who are not aware from their social duties and rights, we give them proper guidance. If they are facing any problem in the society they can raise their hands to destroy the root of that problem, so that they can live smooth life without any violence.

Blood Donation Program

We also organize blood donation camps throughout the year, so far we have organized 4th blood donation camp.

Youth Development

Youth development in every area of their life is must in today's time as we are surrounded with so many bad anti social activities like drugs and worst media presentations.


We eat we drink but we don't know what to eat and when to eat for a good healthy life. Our this program focuses on daily life diets for a healthy life.


We motivate games among kids and adults for better mind as you stay fit when you do some activities. When you are healthy your mind is also healthy.

Cultural Activities

We also aware people about their culture as present media presentations have effected their minds very deeply to the destruction of their culture.


We also aware you about politics. Whom to vote and you must vote for your participation in Indian governance for better future.


We aware farmers about new techniques in agriculture and using best possible resources that are good for production and environment.


As you see many people from our society use religion as their weapon to fulfil their wrong motives. So its our responsibility to teach whats right & wrong to illiterate & thoughtless people.

Values and Ethics

We are indulge in so many bad practices that we forget our values & ethics. We want to motivate the feelings of value and ethics among people for a healthy and prosperous society.

Traffic Rules

Every person must have basic knowledge of the traffic rules to avoid uncertainties. We aware people for this under our this program.


Pollution is being the most worried problem of our world these days. We must aware each individual for their role in keeping their surroundings clean.

Swadeshi Products

We should use our own country products to help growing our own country. It helps in many ways, labourers get labour and money circle stays within our country.